ICS - Integrated Cockpit System

Seamless Cable Routing and Unmatched Performance Integration

We stay at the forefront of design through innovative solutions in service of the rider that prioritize functional integration.

Our ICS – Integrated Cockpit System – technology corresponds to this philosophy, a proprietary system that provides stealth cable routing from handlebar to rear axle without compromising fit, adjustability and practicality.

A leading solution and bike industry first, ICS technology is one factor that allows us to set new standards in frame design. ICS gets reimagined and redeveloped, but what stays the same is how each piece combines form and function to create the most advanced cockpit designs on the market.

ICS Carbon and ICS2 represented years of technical refinement and real-world testing. The second generation of ICS components – the introduction of one-piece carbon cockpits – paved the way for a new era of performance, integration, and visual excellence.

ICS Carbon Aero and ICS MTT joined the ICS ecosystem in 2022, underscoring our commitment to riders who prioritize speed, compliance, and integration.

In the development of ICS Carbon Evo, our testing centered on finding the key middle ground between fit and function. Now we have the perfect answer.

ICS Technology

ICS for All

Altitude, Endurance, Aero or Gravel?
ICS technology components are designed to deliver the benefits of functional integration to every discipline and riding style.

ICS Carbon Aero Cockpit

A new take on aerodynamic performance.

ICS Aero features a progressive aerodynamic shaping with a reduced frontal section to match the drag-reducing design of our performance frames.

ICS Aero cockpit features a 360 mm top width to allow riders an efficient aerodynamic position. The 12.5° flare and 420 mm width at the drops provide great control at high speed and on loose surfaces.

ICS Carbon Evo Cockpit

Allying performance with usability, the ICS Carbon Evo Cockpit is engineered at the sweet spot for performance-oriented riders.

Clean, lightweight and sleek, the secret is in the form. From 400 mm at the hoods to 440 mm on the drops, minimal spacers required, a revised stem, and a circular frontal form, it retains stealth cable routing, keeps you in control with an 8° bar flare, and boasts a next-level stiffness-to-weight ratio.

ICS Carbon Cockpit

ICS Carbon, is a one-piece cockpit with an incredibly low weight, high stiffness and stealth cable routing with superior performance and aesthetics.

Originally designed to complement the performance of Teammachine SLR 01, ICS Carbon is the lightest and stiffest cockpit system in the BMC range.

ICS2 Stem

The ICS2 stem is the latest evolution of the iconic ICS01 stem, now featuring the 2nd generation interface for improved functionality and reduced, 185 g weight.

The ICS2 stem is designed for complete stack and reach adjustability.

A range of stem lengths and a dedicated spacer system with interlocking elements allows easy stack and reach adjustment without stem removal and hydraulic cables disconnection.

• Premium, 2nd generation Integrated Cockpit System stem with internal cable routing and easy fit adjustment

• Two-piece system with Garmin/GoPro integrated computer mount (Wahoo-ready with GoPro-compatible mounts)

The ICS2 stems are available in the following stem lengths: 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130 & 140 mm

ICS MTT Suspension Stem

The ICS MTT x Redshift Suspension Stem completes the evolution of Micro Travel Technology, a complete ecosystem of integrated suspension components designed to elevate the riding experience across a wide range of riding styles through efficiency, seamless integration and low weight.

The all-new ICS MTT x Redshift Suspension Stem blends BMC’s Integrated Cockpit System technology and iconic design with Redshift’s ShockStop technology to smoothen out road imperfections and take the edge off the roughest roads and gravel tracks.

Redshift Sport’s game-changing ShockStop technology provides an incredibly refined and effective suspension system in a simple and reliable design.

The ICS MTT x Redshift Stem is catered to a broad range of users, from Gravel to All-Road and Endurance, without forgetting Fitness and Urban riders that prefer flat handlebars.

More comfort, more control, more speed, less muscle fatigue.